Processing & Shipping

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!

Please carefully read our shipping policies listed below. By placing an order on Country Boy Customs Store you agree to the shipping and handling terms listed below.

Most of the time, your orders will be shipped through USPS First Class Mail. If we do not use this method, we will be using USPS Priority Mail to ship your order.


Standard Processing Times

2-3 Business Days

We intend to cut and prepare your orders as quickly as possible.  This means usually by the next day or the day after we will get your order cut and ready to ship. However, your order could take up to 2-3 business days to process after the date we receive the payment.This does not mean that your order may not ship sooner than 2-3 days, however all products on this site are made to order, so we do not make the items until an order has been placed. We need this amount of processing time in order to make the items you order and then prepare them to be shipped. This means 2-3 days excluding weekends and holidays. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a email, so please consider this delay. IF there is any reason for a delay in this processing time, we will contact you by phone or email and inform you of this. At that time, you can tell us if you want to wait for your order until we can get it ready or if you want to cancel and refund the order.

Large or Complex Orders

If you make a large or complex order the processing time for your order could be as long as 3 weeks. If this is the case, we will contact you and inform you of the longer processing time. With orders over $200 we may contact you to confirm that it is an actual order that was placed, this is to prevent fraudulent orders. It is important that you provide us with correct contact information so we can reach you in case of a situation such as this.

If we feel the need to contact you about one of these large or complex orders, we will not ship your order until we have spoken with you to ensure the order was valid. The processing time will begin the day or day after we have spoken to you.

Once the order reaches the carrier, it is out of our hands. If you have a question about a shipping delay after the item is in transit, you should contact the carrier.


Given that items on this site are made to order and many are custom, all sales are final. Please be sure that all aspects of your order are completely correct before placing your order as no changes can be made after your order has been placed. If you create something with our custom lettering design tool, make sure all words are spelled correctly and that you are satisfied with your design. Once we receive your design, we cannot change what you have created.